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1.0 The Design Agreement is made between YOUR NAME HERE (Owner) and Sullivan S. Santos - SSS DESIGNS LLC (Designer).

2.0 The Owner is to retain the services of the Designer in regards to a project described as a remodel to YOUR JOBSITE ADDRESS.

3.0 The scope of services to be provided by the Designer shall consist of the following: 3.1 Verification of existing jobsite conditions to the degree possible by means of visual inspection. 3.2 Code search with local agencies having jurisdiction to determine design parameters. 3.3 Design consultations with the Owner as necessary. 3.4 Preliminary design studies as required. 3.5 Preparation of construction drawings as deemed necessary by Designer to adequately communicate the scope of the proposed construction to the Owner, builder, and government agencies as required.

NOTE: In municipalities where the permit and approval process includes a subjective design review, the Designer will research and apply guidelines as they are defined in the published materials made available by these municipalities and will consult with the planning department staff of these municipalities, subject to their availability, for consultation and interpretation of such guidelines as necessary. Where the required design review process is of an interpretive nature subject to the personal tastes and convictions of the reviewers, and or the Designer has prepared design drawings illustrating a design in compliance with all aspects of the applicable zoning regulations, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by this agreement regarding the outcome of any hearings, public or private, convened for the purpose of reviewing the design drawings prepared on behalf of the Owner by the Designer.

4.0 By contracting with SSS DESIGNS for the performance of professional design services, the Owner understands that the Designer will exercise the degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised under similar circumstances by reputable members of the design profession and that work will be completed in an expeditious manner. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is made nor intended by this design agreement. The Owner expressly acknowledges that they are contracting for services based upon their own appraisal of the Designer's training, experience, judgment and integrity.

5.0 All printing costs for reproductions of the drawings, Xerox work, special paper, photos; etc. will be paid by the Owner to the Designer. These costs to be paid by the Owner upon request of payment by the Designer.

6.0 Fees charged by any required consultants will be in addition to the Designer's fees and are a responsibility of the Owner. Consultants may be required as deemed necessary by the Designer and local governing agencies for such things as energy calculations, geotechnical reports, structural engineering calculations, topographical maps, legal surveys, grading plans, erosion control maps, landscape plans, engineered grading plans, etc.

7.0 Fees are as follows: The Owner agrees to compensate the Designer for the material cost (item no.5.0) and a design fee rate of $ 85 per hour. For any architectural design and documentation the work hours is an estimate and is affected by different factors in the process (preliminary design, research, meeting with and coordinating with owner, consultants, engineers, etc), no expressed warranty is given as to the final work hours required to complete the design and documentation process, only an estimate. Owner or Designer has the right to terminate this agreement with written notice to the other party. NOTE: The fee schedule is good for thirty (30) days from date of submittal (DATE OF MEETING); subject to change without notice after that date.

8.0 A down payment of $ DOLLAR AMOUNT (dependent on Project Scope) as a retainer is to be paid to the Designer upon signing of agreement. The retainer fee shall be applied to final billing. Billing is on a progressive basis, as work is completed and payment due upon billing submitted to the Owner.

NOTE: Any unpaid balance per payment request submitted by the Designer to the Owner after seven calendar days shall be considered past due. A service charge of 3 % per billing will be charged on past due balances. The service charge fee will accrue every two weeks until payment is made. Failure to pay balance may result in the Designer withholding delivery of drawings until receipt of full payment for the balance past due. 9.0 All original drawings are to remain the property of the Designer as instruments of service. The Owner for his records may obtain duplicate reproductions. Reuse of such reproductions for other project locations shall only be allowed by written permission from and with appropriate compensation to the Designer.